YouTube gets a new face

Apparantly the overall facelift of most of Google’s products with the introduction of Google+ doesn’t stop at its beloved video service. Today YouTube presents itself in a whole new look when it comes to watching videos and visiting channels and you have to say, the designers at Google know what they are doing.

new video frame on youtube

While the welcome page greets you with rather minor changes, exploring a channel or video becomes a treat. The designers understood that you visit the site to watch a certain video in the first place, so that’s what you are getting now. The new look puts the videoframe in the very focus of your attention, and to me that is where it belonged all the time.
There are no further distractions with suggested videos to the right of the frame. The video is centered and thanks to a dark background in that area it almost looks like some sort of cinema theme. You also get the convienence of choosing different sizes for the frame or even block all other content besides the video like comments.

new wall for suggested videos

Speaking of which, the comments haven’t changed much, yet they are accompanied by a sidebar of other videos from the channel which you are currently watching. Those videos come in form of a nice, clean, again cinematic-like preview-button which looks way better than the blunt collection of thumbnails across the screen.

The preview-buttons are also used to present the suggested videos which you will now find at a klick away, resulting in a neat side-scroll. Again, very clear, very organized, very pretty, you will get a 3-coloumn-wall containing those previews each of which offers you to directly add a video to your playlists.

YouTube maintains this video-centered cinematic theme in the newly designed channels. Until now channels pretty much bored me as they often looked hideous because of some freakish background image, and were hopelessly spammed with a kazillion videos. The new look doesn’t get rid of the custom backgrounds but it at least structures the channel in more clean and organized view. Uploaded videos appear in a list one beneath the next, the channel’s playlist overview features a similar view with little preview thumbnails from the contained videos.

I like the new look. The only drawback is that they seem to no having applied the new design to the user account site. At least to me it still presents itself in the old way. Nevertheless I am completely sold and I’ll never change it back. The End.

You haven’t seen it yet, try out the new look via

Thanks to Malde for the hint.


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