Useful features in Google+ published a collection of tips to enhance your Google+ experience. Most of those shouldn’t be that new if you’re one of the 10 million early-adopters but there are still some very great things that you can do and should keep in mind.

Here’s the quick&dirty abstract of some things you might want to know about sharing content:

  • The timestamp links you to the single post and all of its comments. It comes in handy if you just want to read all the comments related to the post and it provides you with the permalink to share this post elsewhere.

  • You can edit uploaded photos and by “edit” we don’t talk about simple rotating and resizing. If you don’t already use Picasa and Picnic to do cool image editing online, read why the built-in photo editor on Google+ rocks.
  • Each post you share in your stream offers control over its further use by other people. You know that you can determine precisly which circles and/or individuals may see the post but check out the little arrow on the right: you can even prevent others from resharing this post or disable comments.

  • You can drag&drop photos, videos and links directly into the share textbox.
  • Google actually listens to feedback that’s why you can now choose who may see your gender information (until lately you could only choose “male”, “female” and “other” which disturbed many people since the field is mandatory). This may not sound important but it is nice to see that the platform is constantly improving in a good way.

Find more tips on the original article, it may be worth the look since this list seems to be updated from time to time (note that the link says 20 tips, the post image 25 tips and the headline by now 28 tips šŸ˜‰ )


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