How to really delete your Facebook account

You may have noticed or heard that it is not possible to actually delete your account on Facebook. When you search your account or privacy settings for any option to get yourself rid of 1.000 “friends” and a kazillion apps in one big blow, you will only find a humble link at the bottom of your account settings page that allows you to “deactivate” your account.

Now deactivating neither sounds like deleting nor is it meant anything like it. Facebook will still keep all your data and just make it unavailable for yourself in the first place. Yet worry no more, dear maybe-next-gen-social-web-user, a solution is upon you.

If you are willing that Facebook truly erases your complete profile than you will have to ask for it. There is a very hidden link deep in the help section which opens a contact-form for you to send a delete-request. That link can be found here as well.

That’s it. Almost.
To make sure that Facebook deletes your profile you must not use your account anymore from now on. Well, you wouldn’t want to anyway but there’s a 14-day period in which any activity with your old account is considered a cancellation of your request. So make sure you aren’t logged in on any device you may possibly have around you.


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