Share your Google+ posts on Facebook and Twitter

While the guys at Google+ still working on all the feedback they (most probably) get from those 10 million G+ users, you can already share your posts in Google+ within your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Although the function doesn’t come as a native implementation in G+ yet, Chrome users can find a pretty handy extension for their browser of choice, called “Start Google Plus“.

After adding the extension to your Chrome browser, your Google bar at the top within Google+ will get three new icons, one for Facebook, one for Twitter and one for the extension itself. Clicking on each icon allows you to link your G+ profile (or rather the extension) with your other accounts. Either icon will then turn into your profile avatar pic of the named network.

From now on you can choose for each post you are about to share on G+ whether you want this to be sent to your Twitter and or Facebook account as well. Simply click the appropriate icon in your circles bar.Start Google Plus Chrome ExtensionWhat’s more?
Not only can you share your posts within the other networks, you can also import your timelines from each of those into your G+ stream. Notice also the additional icons to your left, beneath your sparks, which will reveal just the timeline from either service.

Import Twitter into G+

Import Facebook into G+

A tipp: If you have very busy timelines, like I do thanks to all those news feeds, it is wise to keep them seperated from each other. You can therefore remove Twitter and Facebook from your G+ stream and just let them be shown at request through the just mentioned links. To unmerge the timelines from your stream, simply click each profile icon at the upper right corner and select the “Merge Feed in main G+ stream” option so that the green light next to it becomes red.

Yet remember that this is “just” an extension for Chrome and although I quite like many of those extensions you can get, I always feel a bit unhappy about such “workarounds”. Let’s hope the Google guys will make this a native feature pretty soon.

One more thing: Rumor has it that due to the popularity of G+ similar extensions appear on the web which might be or at least contain some sort of malware.
Get the proper extension here at the Chrome webstore, or from the mentioned site above.


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